Missouri River Soap



Our handcrafted products will be affected by extremely hot temperatures. Extreme heat may affect the appearance of your product. Please note that the heat should not affect the use of your product. Temperature is, of course, beyond our control and as such, your products may be altered in transit.

Please take note of your order tracking so that you can bring your package in from the heat ASAP. Please try not to let it sit outside on a hot porch, in a hot mailbox, or in a hot car. 

It is very possible that your wax melts and bath truffles will arrive to you a bit soft or melting slightly. This will not affect their usefulness but may alter their appearance slightly. Please bring them in and allow to cool down to room temperature or cooler before unpacking and using. 

Cold process soaps may sweat in the heat and humidity. Again, please allow them to cool to room to room temperature or cooler before using. 

Our new shipping program is supposed to alert you on shipping and on delivery so I hope that will help you to stay informed on the location of your package. Thanks!