Tips for Shopping During A Release

Missouri River Soap

Tips for Shopping During A Release

Cart Hold:  Unfortunately, our shop provider no longer allows a cart hold.

PayPal Tips: Sign in before the store opens. Try to keep your PayPal refreshed. You should not have to sign in again but your results may vary. Make sure you have all your address and payment information correctly set up in PayPal so you don't have to take any additional time to do that. If you recently changed your address, please check your order confirmation that your correct address is shown. Sometimes PayPal screws that up. Sad but true. The more you can do to make sure your address is correct, the easier it is on me. If you need me to make a change, I’m happy to do so but it does get a bit more confusing when I get many requests. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can still check out via PayPal using a credit card.  

 Multiple Orders:  WE DO COMBINE ORDERS and I am happy to do so! I will refund the excess shipping/handling fees over $1.50-$2.00 depending on the size of the order. You do not need to notify me that you made multiple orders. I have a handy dandy program that helps me out there.

Shipping:  I will always pack your order in the smallest package possible. My products range in size and weight and this can make it hard to predetermine how much product will fit in each box. (I always try to mail your package USPS flat rate. My products are heavy so flat rate shipping is best.) Sometimes I don't know what puzzle I can put together until I know the exact items purchased. This is why I am happy to do shipping refunds (in excess of $1.50-$2.00 depending on size of the order).  

Additional US Shipping Info: If you have a concern about a package going missing in your location, please contact me, and let me set up a hold at your post office or a request a signature confirmation. Lost packages just make everyone sad, especially when it can be avoided. Orders with a value of $100.01 and up will be insured and a signature confirmation will be required. You may waive the additional fees by contacting me and asking me to remove the insurance and/or signature confirmation. I will refund these fees as long as your package can ship cheap enough to do so. Note that you will need to request the waiver each time you order for a restock as the request is a one-time deal.

International Orders:  Unfortunately, USPS offers the best rates but not the best tracking and insurance options after the package arrives at US Customs, and then as it leaves the United States. This can make the tracking iffy and insurance non-existent. If something detrimental happens to your package, there is often no recourse. I will deal with these on a package by package basis. Be considerate and realize that it is out of my control. You can upgrade to Express Mail which is trackable and insured. By purchasing outside the US and NOT upgrading to Express mail, you are assuming risk of your order. Please request an upgrade to Express for international orders if you do not accept these terms. Note that there will be an additional charge.

Conduct: I will be available when the store opens to answer questions, etc.. Comments, posts, messages, and emails come in fast and furious for the first hour at least. It takes me a bit to manage all of them. Please be patient. Please HAVE FUN and BE KIND. I understand the whole process can get a bit frustrating but I won't answer to rudeness. Make a point to be nice. With each listing, without fail, there is someone willing to bad mouth me and others due to some sort of hiccup along the way. I will always do my best to cater to my customers and make your purchases just as smooth and fun as possible!

Once You Order: Please allow me up to 10 business days (more time may be required during our Winter/Holiday Release) to pack and ship your orders. I receive a large amount of orders all at once and I am the only one working to pack your orders. I love to do it though so know that it is packed with care and love. I always try to keep everyone up to date on my progress via our Facebook Group, Facebook Page, and Twitter.

Most Important: Thank you! I can’t tell you that enough. I am so thankful for you and all your support!